Understanding activity

This research stream is focused on understanding what entrepreneurial activity is, where it occurs, and how to better identify and study the activity.

Informal Economies

In the context of informal, or unincorporated, enterprises, our challenge is to understand how entrepreneurs identify opportunities, develop enterprises and create and capture value. The majority of this work is undertaken in the form of case studies (with a forthcoming publication of Entrepreneurial Women in Asia documenting many of these ventures), but also under the umbrella of a massive research project linked to our education program in the region.

We are currently collecting data from over 10,000 entrepreneurs and hundreds of mentors in Myanmar. The resulting intelligence will deepen our understanding of the unincorporated sector and inform other research and education programs across the region. The local implementation of the education program is lead by EDNA Myanmar Co Ltd. Daw Kyi Kyi Nyein is leading scores of employees managing operations, education, and program improvement.

OECD-Eurostat Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme (EIP) project

The OECD-Eurostat Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme (EIP) develops policy-relevant and internationally-comparable indicators, based on an analytical model and measurement infrastructure that allows for gathering comparable data.

The EIP continues to develop its publications and engagements. The OECD Entrepreneurship Indicators Steering Group (EISG), represented by Richard Seymour, brings together entrepreneurship policy experts and those responsible for producing the pertinent data in national statistics offices.

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