Creating stronger entrepreneurial communities

Our third stream of research is focused on better understanding how to encourage entrepreneurial activity throughout our region.  We have three major action-research projects underway:

Developing Grassroots Entrepreneurs

Our Grass-roots Entrepreneurship Education and Pro-poor Enterprise Development, Myanmar project plans to educate close to 10,000 entrepreneurs in Myanmar after securing just over USD 2 million funding to be expended over the next three years. EDNA Myanmar Co Ltd will be delivering the project in close collaboration with the University, with the mission to alleviate poverty by encouraging growth of pro-poor entrepreneurial businesses through education & business development initiatives.

The research program supporting the environmental understanding, business development, entrepreneur education, and program impact is led by Dr Russell Toth and Dr Richard Seymour and academics in Myanmar.

This project builds on the recently completed research projects associated with the AusAID funded project Developing Entrepreneurial Women in Vietnam (see below). There is a rich stream of research exploring how to educate and support micro and small entrepreneurs.

Developing Women Entrepreneurs

Through The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program at The University of Sydney Business School we have secured multiple projects working with entrepreneurial women.  The first of these was funded by the Australian Government, and consisted of two projects in:

  • Vietnam, in partnership with the University of Economics and Business – Vietnam National University (UEB-VNU); Dr Richard Seymour managed this project with UEB-VNU staff
  • Cambodia, in partnership with the University of Battambang, (UBB); Dr Marylouise Caldwell and Professor Paul Henry from the University of Sydney Business School managed this project in Cambodia with UBB staff.

Entrepreneurship and People with a Disability

The third major group of projects has been to develop entrepreneurship programs for people with a disability, with funding secured by the Australian Government to operate in Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

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