EDNA Myanmar

Our Grass-roots Entrepreneurship Education and Pro-poor Enterprise Development project plans to educate close to 10,000 entrepreneurs in Myanmar after securing just over USD 2 million funding over three years commencing in 2014.

EDNA Myanmar's purpose is to help alleviate poverty by encouraging the growth of pro-poor entrepreneurial businesses through education and business development initiatives.  Our objectives are to:

  1. Grow a cohort of entrepreneurship mentors/trainers able to inspire and educate.
  2. Grow a cohort of entrepreneurs to be inspired and capable entrepreneurial leaders.
  3. Grow a group of profitable, sustainable and employing Enterprises.
  4. Grow EDNA Myanmar into a proven, respected and scalable social enterprise.

EDNA Myanmar trains local mentors (locals working in the communities) on entrepreneurship, who in turn train four cohorts of 15 entrepreneurs. The training will focus on functional knowledge (business content such as finance, marketing, etc.), communicative knowledge (facilitation, presentation and communication skills, etc.) and emancipatory knowledge to grow their confidence and make them stronger entrepreneurial leaders and people.

Mentors will then work with entrepreneurs over period of six months, meeting weekly to study the teaching materials and monthly to network with local entrepreneurs.

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