EDNA masterclasses

In 2013, EDNA further developed its international activities with workshops focused on entrepreneurial capacity building. Two 10-day workshops were developed for staff and faculty from the University of Islamic Studies (UIN) - Sunan Ampel, Indonesia. The workshops were funded by the Indonesian Government through the Asian Islamic Development Bank.

The first workshop was held in Hanoi, Vietnam in November in collaboration with our colleagues at the University of Economics and Business at the Vietnam National University (UEB-VNU). Sixteen administrative staff from across all faculties at UIN - Sunan Ampel attended the 'Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovative Thinking for Administrative Staff' workshop. The aim of this workshop was to develop administration personnel in entrepreneurship, creativity and innovative thinking. The workshop focused on building the capacity of the participants to support entrepreneurship initiatives at UIN - Sunan Ampel to assist UIN in realising its mission to become the premier Islamic entrepreneurial university in Indonesia.

The second workshop was held at the University of Sydney in December. Sixteen academics from across all faculties at UIN - Sunan attended the workshop, titled Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Teaching, Research and Ventures. The workshop aimed to build the participants' academic capacity and individual skills to deliver entrepreneurship teaching, research and venture activities. Following the workshop, the academics returned to Surabaya with the goal of transferring the knowledge learned in this workshop to their students and colleagues in Surabaya, Indonesia.

UIN - Sunan Ampel has shown strong support for the resulting recommendations collaboratively developed in both of these workshops. We trust these initiatives will have continued support as they have been well received by students and faculty in Indonesia.

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