EDNA supports entrepreneurship education, research and engagement with local institutions across Asia.  Its purpose is to strengthen relationships between the entrepreneurial community in Asia, provide access to specialist resources, and ensure members can leverage each other’s strengths.  We are helping to develop aware and empowered entrepreneurs.

EDNA's goals are to:

  1. Develop local entrepreneurship teaching capabilities and skills
  2. Strengthen entrepreneurship research activity and impact
  3. Contribute to entrepreneurial initiatives benefitting local entrepreneurs and their communities
  4. Build productive relationships within country (between industry, government and educators) and across the region.

The network was established in December 2011, connecting leading universities in the Asian region who have the desire and capacity to develop coordinated entrepreneurship and innovation teaching and research activities.

Members are characterized by the following strengths:

  • a strong focus on teaching entrepreneurship, innovation, and enterprise;
  • a record of being, or potential to be, leading research institutions;
  • an interest in significant engagement with their local communities (such as developing entrepreneurs, enterprise incubators, train-the-trainer programmes, and student competitions); and
  • recognition as a leading institution in their home country.

The network began after many years of collaboration between the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program at The University of Sydney Business School, The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) and more recently the University of Economics & Business, Vietnam National University (UEB-VNU).  The Yangon University of Economics and National Management College in Myanmar, The University of Laos, The University of Battambang in Cambodia, UIN Sunam Ampel in Indonesia, Zhejian University in China and Chiba University of Commerce in Japan have since been working with EDNA.

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